March 27, 2013

Easter Chicks in Egg Shells

This chick is made from a compressed cotton egg painted with matt paint, mixed with pop up line. When heated with a heat gun, the surface becomes puffed up, adding texture to the egg. Eyes and a beak shaped from silk clay are then attached to the chick. Finally, decorate it with a bow, a wooden button and feathers.

1. Mix the pop up line with matt paint in the ratio 1:1 and apply a thick coat of the mixture to the cotton egg.

2. Put the painted cotton egg onto a stick. Puff up the paint by moving the heat gun in circular motions over the egg at a distance of approx. 10-15cm. This makes the colour puff up and gives a textured appearance to the egg.

3. Shape the eyes, the beak and wings from silk clay and press them onto the chick without using glue.

4. Paint an egg shell with matt paint and let it dry. Then glue it onto a wooden button for added stability.

5. Firmly place the chick inside the egg shell, securing it with a blob of silk clay. Use a glue gun for attaching a bow, feathers etc. to the chick.

An alternative
Decorate papier-mâché Babushkas following the same procedure as above. 
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