August 29, 2012

Candle making in sand

It is exiting to make candles in sand. Prepare a mold in moist sand and pour in the candle wax. This is a very good idea for an activity with the children.

1. Press a mold into the moist sand and remove.

2. Tie a knot on the wick and push it into the sand in the middle of the mould. 

3. Hold the wick in place between two sticks.

4.Fill a melting pot with candle wax and melt it. Pour candle dye beads until the desired strength and shade is reached. Start with a few beads, for instance ten of each colour.

5. Stir until the colour is dissolved. Take samples until the desired colour is reached.

6. Pour the candle wax carefully into the mold and let it harden. Lift out the candle, brush off excess sand and trim the wick. The candle can be turned depending on the shape.