January 16, 2013

A Braided Bracelet in 4mm Polyester Cord

A bracelet braided in 4mm polyester cord with a button in antique silver.

1. Cut two pieces of macramé cord – one piece measuring 55cm and the other measuring 210cm. The finished size of the bracelet is approx. 20cm. Double over the short piece and put it on the middle of the long piece of macramé cord.

2. Braid alternately from right to left…

3. … and from left to right until the desired length is reached.

4. Melt the tip of the ends – this makes it easier when threading the button onto the cord.

5. You may use pliers to pull the cords through the button.

6. Put down the two ends and braid one last time around them.

7. Cut off the two macramé cords at approx. 1cm.

8. Melt the ends carefully.

9. Push the ends down immediately – you may use pliers.

10. Cut off the other two ends at approx. 1.5cm.

11. Melt the ends.

12. Push down immediately.

Another variant