December 14, 2012

A Bobbin with a Tree

This Christmas tree is wound from floral wire and inserted into a bobbin. The snow is made with 3D snow effect.

1. Arrange the floral wire into the desired length of your Christmas tree. Run the floral wire back and forth approx. 15 times for 15 lengths and remember to twist the wire after each length.

2. Wind the floral wire around the bunch to keep it in place.

3. Make branches from 4 pieces of floral wire. Use a pair of pliers.

4. Wind the floral wire together to form a branch. Use the same procedure for all the branches.

5. Finally wind the floral wire around the stem of the tree. Cut off the excess wire at the base.

6. Use a pair of pliers to form a star from floral wire and wind it onto the top of the tree.

7. Paint the wooden bobbin with 3D snow effect.

8. Use a pair of pliers to make Christmas decorations for the tree.

Another variant.

Another variant.