November 14, 2012

Jewellery School - Jewellery on Beading Wire with a Clasp

 Beading wire is plastic covered metal wire consisting of several twisted strands. This makes the wire strands flexible and easy to work with. Beading wire is also strong and can carry many beads without loosing its strength or shape.

 Beading wire with many strands is softer and is used for delicate and light beads, whilst beading wire with fewer strands is ideal for large and heavy beads. When the beading wire is filled with beads to the desired length, finish by attaching a clasp.  We have made ​​it easy by putting together ​​a starter kit, which gives you a really good base for quickly getting started with jewellery making on beading wire. Alternatively, you can purchase the components individually.

1. Start by threading a bead tip and a crimp bead onto the wire. Squeeze the crimp bead flat.

2. Cut off the beading wire right after the crimp bead.

3. Close the bead tip around the crimp bead. Thread beads onto the beading wire.

4. Use the same closing procedure at the opposite end. At this end, squeeze the crimp bead flat into the bead tip. Fill the beading with beads but do not make it too tight.

5. Attach the clasp: Insert a round jump ring into the loop of the bead tip and close it with two flat nose pliers. Slightly twist the ends past each other whilst they scrape against each other. Only twist to the side – never apart.

6. When the two ends of the round jump ring are exactly opposite each other, finish twisting.

7. Before closing the round jump ring at the other end, attach a lobster claw clasp.

8. TIPS: A clasp and round jump rings easily add another 2 or 3cm to the length of the necklace. Include this in the desired finished length.

9. Variant: Individual beads on the wire. The beads are held in place with crimp beads. Squeeze the crimp bead flat with crimping pliers. Place the crimp bead and squeeze as shown on each side of the bead.

10. Squeeze the crimp bead flat, forming a curve.

11. Assemble the curve to make a round bead using the outer jaws on the pliers.
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