July 08, 2014

Wim Delvoye's Rubber Carvings Turn Tires Into Art

While Belgian artist Wim Delvoye isn’t the first person to create art with used tires, he might just be the most talented name in the niche. That’s because his utterly gorgeous creations manage to maintain the structure of the tires while incorporating elements from nature, such as flowers and vines, so the viewer thinks of the delicate beauty of Mother Earth while never forgetting that they are looking at something totally industrial.

The artist uses no mechanical devices during the reworking process to make his masterpieces, and tough car and tractor tires take a very long time to manually carve and sculpt.

wim-delvoyes-incredible-rubber-carvings-turn-tires-into-art 1

wim-delvoyes-incredible-rubber-carvings-turn-tires-into-art 2

wim-delvoyes-incredible-rubber-carvings-turn-tires-into-art 3

wim-delvoyes-incredible-rubber-carvings-turn-tires-into-art 4

wim-delvoyes-incredible-rubber-carvings-turn-tires-into-art 5

wim-delvoyes-incredible-rubber-carvings-turn-tires-into-art 6