January 11, 2013

Vases of Self-hardening Clay

These are lovely decorative vases made from self-hardening clay with stamped designs. Test tubes are decorated with flax twine. An icon decorated with beach shells.

1. Make a template from an ordinary drinking glass. Add approx. 1cm to the length for the closing.

2. Roll clay into the appropriate thickness and cut out using the template.

3. Make your chosen pattern in the clay with the stamps.

4. Lubricate the glass with cooking oil and put the clay around the glass.

5. Seal the joint.

6. Carefully remove the clay vase from the glass.

7. Let the vase dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

8. Tie flax twine around the test tubes.

9. Arrange the test tubes randomly in the vase.

10. The icon is made with a stamped design, varnished in a few places and decorated with flax twine and beach shells.