January 14, 2013

Silk accessories

A silk scarf and silk yarn are dyed with water based silk paints. The flowers are crocheted in silk yarn, which is also used for braiding and plaiting on the scarf. They can be used for around the neck or the waist.

1. Protect the table with a plastic sheet before putting down a piece of polyester wadding slightly larger than the material on top. Pour very diluted paint into a polystyrene cup. Arrange the silk yarn in long lengths and soak piece by piece in the paint.

2. You may wet the scarf before painting with different colours. They blend well together. Let it dry.

3. Put the silk onto a large piece of washed cotton fabric and wrap it up. Silk should not touch silk.

4. The parcel should fit into a saucepan. Wrap it in aluminium foil.

5. Put the parcel in the saucepan containing approx. 4cm water on top of 3 stones or small pots. Simmer for 1 – 1 ½ hour.

6. Put a towel under the lid in order to collect condensed water.

7. After the fixing, rinse out the excess colour and dry the silk.

8. Crochet flowers and circles of silk yarn. See the patterns at the bottom of the page, but vary the size and pattern.

9. Crochet and plait long cords.

10. Braid, plait and twist the crocheted, plaited and single cords around the scarf.

11. Sew on the flowers with small stitches (which are hardly visible) on the back.