January 30, 2013

Junk mail typography collage art

I made this awesome re-arranged typography wall art with two junk mail postcard sale mailers. This is what you need to make this junk mail wall art plaque! This tutorial will showcase each step I took to complete this art piece.

- Substrate of your choice: cradle board, canvas board, illustration board, plywood or wood
- Cardstock
- Cutting tools
- Ruler
- Mod Podge tools: Brayer and Squeegee
- 1″ SQUARE shape paper punch
- 2 Crate and Barrel postcard mailers
- Any Mod Podge, I used Mod Podge Paper and Mod Podge Gloss

1. Cut 25 pieces (1″ squares) of the red and white section only.

2. TIP: I taped a piece of cardstock to my cutting mat. This type of mat has measurements printed on it, so it is easy to make accurate lines (see photo). I made two straight lines: one vertical and one horizontal; this made my layout easy to place . . . I knew I needed 5 rows of 1″ squares across since I was working with a 5″ x 5″ block. I used Mod Podge Paper to mount the squares in place . . . then let dry for 15 minutes. Then, I cut the mounted pieces at 5″ x 5″.

3. Decoupage the FRONT with the re-arranged 1″ square blocks. *TIP: I used a brayer that had some dried Mod Podge from previous projects, because when I run it over the paper it will give it a aged, rustic look and scuff it up. If you don’t want that look, use a clean brayer. Next, I decoupaged the back with a random piece of printed cardstock.

4. I decoupaged the sides with 3/4″ white cardstock.

5. Attach hanging hardware to the back. TIP: I find for something small like this a triangle hanger is easiest! All, you do is find the center, mark it with an AWL, then insert a screw. . . Then I attached two bumpers to the bottom.

Project completed! Ready to hang. Wouldn’t it be fun to try this on a huge scale?
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