January 17, 2013

Fashionable Feather Jewellery

Feathers attached onto a head pin and fastened with a crimp bead. The pendants are attached onto the lower loop of the head pin and then attached to ear wires and leather cords.

1. Twist the head pin around a darning needle or round nose pliers to make coils.

2. Make a loop at the other end.

3. Bend the loops/coils upwards.

4. Insert the feathers into the loops/coils.

5. Attach a crimp bead and squeeze.

6. Trim the ends of the feathers.

7. Attach a pendant onto the lower loop. Close the loop.

8. Attach the ear wire.

9. Make the pendant for the leather cord in the same way as the ear rings.

10. Attach the pendant.

11. Close the loop.

12. Attach a round jump ring.

13. Cut a piece of leather cord to your desired length and glue on an end cap.

14. Pull on a fashion link and tie a knot.