January 14, 2013

Fabric Decoration

Cushion Covers from Shopping Bags

Shopping bags stamped with textil fabric paint using a foam brush. The handles are cut so they can be tied and the shopping bag is now a cushion cover.

Tea Towels with Print

Tea towels decorated with textil color, applied with hand prints, stamps, flat foam brushes and foam stencils in bright colours.

Printed Oven Gloves

Oven Gloves decorated with textil color. They are decorated with hand prints as well as dots made with foam stencil brushes.

Decorated Pot Holders

The pot holders are decorated with fabric markers and Textil Color in bright colours. Hand prints and stamp prints are applied using foam stencil brushes and stamps.

1. Foam brushes with a plastic handle.
For a uniform print; first dab the textil color onto the stamp with a foam stencil brush.

2. Fabric Marker …

3. Flat Foam Brushes …

4. Make dots with foam stencil brushes …

Printed Key Straps
Make dots with textil color and foam stencil brushes. Then draw lines with textile markers. 
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