November 22, 2012

The Robots’ Universe

These are lifelike robots made from cardboard boxes, plastic pots, flexible cord and modeled with silk clay. They are decorated with craft paint and beads.

1. Make a hole in two plastic tubs for the feet. Then make holes in the box for the arms and legs.

2. Make the legs from flexible cord with self-hardening clay feet.

3. Then attach the arms and the legs onto the body of the robot (the cardboard box) with a glue gun.

4. Make the head and other loose parts in silk clay.

5. Glue on the head using the glue gun.

6. Paint the robot with craft paint. Give it two coats to give it a great finish.

7. Finally decorate the robot with beads and rings with a silver finish.

8. The finished robot.

Robot variants
Of course you can make your own robot, just as you want.

The possibilities are endless.
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