November 28, 2012

Jewellery School - A Bead Caddy Spinner

When threading numerous mini beads onto a beading wire, a bead caddy spinner is a useful and quick tool. Insert a beading wire through the end of a beading needle, spin the bead caddy spinner by turning the lever in the middle and the needle will fill with beads automatically.

1. Cut a piece of beading wire measuring approx. 70cm. Squeeze the beading wire flat at the end so that it can easily go through the eye of the needle.

2. Fill the bead caddy spinner with rocaille beads (preferably lots).

3. Insert the needle into the spinning beads in the opposite direction of the spin.

4. Turn the lever in the middle with your left hand clockwise and hold the needle as shown with the hook to the left and the needle will automatically fill with beads.

5. Push the beads from the needle onto the wire. If a bead is stuck on the needle or wire, crush it with flatnose pliers.
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