October 14, 2012

Make candles with flowers

Using a candle mold you can make big and beautiful candles for your home. Dried plants are placed in the wax before it hardens. Here we have made both a lantern and a big compact candle.

1. Moisten the dried flowers and attach them to the inside of the mold. Remember to close the hole in the bottom. Pour in melted candle wax coloured with ivory. Mix 1 part of stearin and 3 parts stearin/palm oil. Fill up only approx. 1/3.

2. With a stick attach the leaves/flowers which have become unstuck.

3. Weigh down a melting pot or similar and insert into the mold. Let the wax solidify and remove the melting pot. You can also wait until now to add the plants. You could pour a little bit of sand into the bottom before placing a tea light. This candle mold can be used again and again.

4. Pour in candle wax approx. 2cm in the bottom. Let it harden. You can insert a candle holder in this mold. Pour in a little sand or gravel first.

5. The candle mold can also be used for making a compact candle with wicks. Pour in a few millimeters of candle wax into the bottom. Tie knots on the wicks, which are then inserted into the melted wax. Or you can use waxed candle wicks as shown.

6. Fasten the wicks onto small sticks and pour in the melted candle wax.

7. Place the flowers gently and hold them in place onto the side with a stick. Some will slip off again but keep on putting them in place whilst the wax is liquid.
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