October 05, 2012

A Leather Bracelet with Pardo Jewellery Clay

Pardo jewellery clay punched out with shape cutters. Fixed in the oven and tied onto a leather bracelet with a piece of leather cord, with a glued on hook clasp.

1. Warm the clay ball by rolling it in your hands. Put it onto a piece of baking paper and press it flat.

2. Punch out with small shape cutters. Smooth the edges with your fingers.

3. Make button holes with a thick needle. Remember that the holes get smaller when fixing in the oven.

4. Put onto baking paper and fix in an oven at 130 degrees for 30 min.

5. Varnish with special lacquer for protection.

6. Glue on the hook clasp.

7. Make two holes in the middle of the bracelet using revolving pliers.

8. Tie the pardo clay design onto the bracelet with a piece of 2mm leather cord.
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