October 01, 2012

A Christmas Tree with Wooden Sticks

Cut strips of wood into small pieces and drill a hole in the middle of a flower stick which will function as the center piece of the Christmas tree. Glue on the stand with wood glue. Bend the star from bonsai wire and wrap thin silver-plated wire with drop-shaped glass beads around the star.

1. Saw wood sticks in pairs in the following sizes:

13cm x 2 pieces
15cm x 2 pieces 
17cm x 2 pieces 
20cm x 2 pieces 
22cm x 2 pieces 
24cm x 2 pieces

Also saw some spacers; 2cm squares x 14 pieces.

2. Drill a 6.5mm hole in the middle of all the wood pieces.

3. Glue the stand together.

4. Glue a 49cm long flower stick into the hole in the stand.

5. Assemble the Christmas tree. You will need approx. six wood sticks for a Christmas tree.

6. Form a star from a 50cm long piece of bonsai wire.

7. Wrap a piece of silver-plated wire with drop-shaped glass bead around the star.

8. Glue decorations onto the wood slices.

Attached file: Template (305 kb)