July 07, 2013

Jungle birds made from newspaper, bonsai wire and VTR adhesive

Jungle birds are shaped from newspaper and glued with VTR adhesive which children can also make.

1. Curl the newspaper together and shape the bird roughly, apply wire and tie it tightly aroung the bird whilst applying more paper. Shape and twist until you have a proper bird shape. Balance is important. Poke a hole with a pair of scissors for legs.

2. Now apply a layer of paper soaked with VTR adhesive over the bird’s body and build the bird up. Apply paper around the legs. Balance the bird and build large feet if necessary so that it balances.

3. When the bird is finished and thorougly dry, paint with acrilic paint.

Needle Felted Woollen Key Chains and Door Hangers

Woollen objects are felted with carded wool and a felting needle. The A6 needle felting foam pad is ideal for these objects. The more you felt – the firmer the decoration.

1. Place the woollen object on the needle felting mat and arrange the wool on top.

2. Push the felting needle up and down until the wool is securely fastened to the object. The more you felt – the firmer the wool.

Textiles decorated with Fabric Markers and 3D Liner

The key strap, the car sunshades, the pencil case and the purse have all been decorated with colourful designs made with fabric markers and 3D liner.

1. Draw the designs with a black fabric marker.

2. Colour in with colourful fabric markers and decorate further with small dots and lines made with 3D liner. Let it dry. NB: Do not wash in the washing machine.

July 04, 2013

Flax shopping bag with stencil print

Use masking tape to form a square in the middle. Arrange the self-adhesive foil stencils onto the bag and dab on the paint with a sponge. Iron-fix the bag with an iron for 5 min. at high heat. Put a piece of grease proof paper between the fabric and the iron.