April 26, 2013

Chemistry Test Tubes Chandelier

Maria S.C. lamp is made from reused chemistry test tubes. The lamp is inspired by Maria Sklodowska-Curie, the Polish scientific woman, awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of polonium and radium. The tubes are detachable and the lamp provides the opportunity for visual experiment by creating a variety of configurations and arrangements.

Suspended Lamp Made Out of Recycled Graters

What a great idea to use old graters as lampshades for this light rack ! One of our favorite creation we’ve seen with recycled graters !

April 12, 2013

DIY Lighted Natural Wall Art

DIY Lighted Natural Wall Art

Here is a really cool DIY wall art idea that you might like. A canvas with lighted branches and moss is perfect way to bring some nature and light into your interior. To make such canvas besides lighted branches you’ll need a bundle of sticks, a bag of moss, green canvas paint, canvas molding paste, paste spatula, a paint brush, E6000 glue and a staple gun.


Mix molding paste with green paint and apply the mixture to the canvas. Let the paste dry overnight and apply some green paint. When it dries, glue lighted branches and sticks. Next, glue moss to cover the cords and hang up your new wall art when glue is dry.

DIY monochrome clock

Today I have another really simple diy for you. First you cut a circle in an old shoebox, and divide it into 12 pieces. Instead of using numbers, I used all the I:s from my foam letters pad. Then you attach the hands and the clockwork, as the instructions says, and paint the whole thing gray. (if you want it to look the same as the one I did). All for the cost of 11 euros, or 15 dollars.

April 11, 2013

Weave a Zipper Purse

Have you seen the purses and tote bags– usually in airport gift shops– woven out of seat belts? That was the inspiration for this purse woven out of zippers. Create this cute little purse by weaving Coats all-purpose zippers together.  Use the colors show or select your own color combination.

Weave a Zipper Purse


- Coats All Purpose Zippers, 7”,  14 zippers in a variety of colors
- Coats All Purpose Zippers, 22”  7 zippers for horizontal strips and handles
- Hot glue
- Scissors
- Straight pins

1. Lay out and weave the zippers as the diagram shows flat on a table and pin in place.

2. To form the tote, bring the sides together and pin in place for a temporary hold.

3. Start from the bottom corner and glue the ends together trimming off the ends of zippers as needed and taking care to keep the woven pattern consistent.

4. Once the bottom is woven and glued in place remove the pins from the side seam and starting from the bottom trim the end of each of the zippers as needed and weave in the ends and glue in place with the zipper pull end on the top and the raw edges under a vertical zipper.

5. Wrap the top ends of the raw edges of the vertical zipper over the top horizontal zipper and glue to the inside.

6. Glue the ends of the vertical zippers that are on the inside to the top horizontal zipper.

7. Cut two zippers to approximately 10″ and glue to the underside top edge of the tote.

8. Using the remaining scraps of zippers glue the zippers around the inside parameter of the tote to cover all the raw ends.

For printable instructions, click here: Woven Zipper Purse

April 10, 2013

Crackle Effect - Transparent Facetten-Lack

Crackle Effect - Transparent Facetten-Lack

Attach the napkin design to the wooden icon with decoupage lacquer. A layer of transparent facetten-lack is applied with a spatula. Inka gold creamy metal gloss wax is rubbed into the cracks.

1. Paint the wooden icon with white craft paint.

2. Cut out the design of the napkin and attach it to the wooden icon with decoupage lacquer.

3. Apply a generous 2-4mm layer of the crackle lacquer transparent facetten-lack using a spatula. The crackling will begin after a couple of hours.

4. Rub inka gold creamy metal gloss wax into the cracks with circular movements.

5. Rub off the excess inka gold with a damp cloth. The wax should only be visible in the cracks.

Bohemian Shoulder Bag

Bohemian Shoulder Bag

Looking for a fun and practical project for sewers of all levels? This cool-looking bag goes from super simple with plenty of options for embellishment. Enjoy playing with decorative stitches on your machine and splash some color in the process. Walk away (and around!) with a casual bag that shows some serious groove.

April 05, 2013

Ripple floating vase designed by the Japanese group oodesign.

Ripple floating vase designed by the Japanese group oodesign.

Like a ripple ,"Floating Vase" is a bud vase that floats. Once on water, the vase becomes indistinguishable from the surrounding fluid, making the flower appear as if arranged directly onto the water. The flower floats nonchalantly, its stem slowly absorbing the water, changing position and appearance only when the wind or water movements allow.

Napkin Decoupage - City on a Canvas

Napkin Decoupage - City on a Canvas

A napkin with a bustling city design is decoupaged onto a canvas. Great for the teenager's room.

1. Paint the canvas with off white craft paint.

2. Paint rain grey craft paint with light strokes on the canvas whilst it is still wet.

3. Let diluted black craft paint (and also the other colours) run down the wet canvas. You may “throw” the paint onto the canvas with a brush. Let it dry.

4. Cut out the napkin to the desired size and only use the top layer.

5. Apply a coat of glossy decoupage lacquer onto the whole canvas.

6. Place the napkin onto the canvas and apply another coat of glossy decoupage lacquer. Let it dry.

7. Pour pumpkin craft paint into a refill plastic bottle with a tip and paint along the edge of the napkin design.

A Wooden Tray with Wooden Discs

A Wooden Tray with Wooden Discs

The small wooden serving tray is painted with black craft paint and covered on the sides with small wooden discs. A piece of cork is cut to size. Glue the cork inside the base of the tray.

1. Paint the tray with black craft paint.

2. Cut a sheet of cork to fit the inside of the tray. Place it inside the tray.

3. Glue wooden discs onto the outside of the tray for decoration using mounting glue.

April 04, 2013

Hair Clips decorated with Foam Rubber and Sequins

Hair Clips decorated with Foam Rubber and Sequins

Hair clips decorated with self-adhesive glitter foam rubber, sequins and beads threaded onto a piece of silver-plated wire.

1. Draw two circles using a pair of compasses and cut out.

2. Cut a piece of silver-plated wire measuring 20cm and thread on a bead. Double over the wire.

3. Thread sequins and beads onto the wire and finish with the foam rubber circle. Twist the wire and cut off the ends.

4. Remove the backing paper from the foam rubber and attach the finished decoration onto the hair clips.

5. Attach the other circle onto the hair clips; i.e. onto back of the first decorated circle. The hair clips is now sandwiched between the foam rubber circles. Squeeze.