March 28, 2013

The 35 Most Creative DIY Planters

If you haven’t already noticed, spring is in full swing here at Craft & Creativity. And you know what spring means? Pretty plants! And what’s a super awesome succulent without the perfect planter? Here are 35 DIY planters for all those spring flowers.

1. Floppy Disk Planters: We’ll start with an oldie but a goodie. These floppy disk planters are a great way to repurpose old tech.

2. Book Planters: You knew you saved your high school geometry text book for a reason ;)

3. Painted Pots Hanging on Fence: Buy a bunch of potted plants, paint the pots, and nail ‘em up on your fence.

4. Switch Plate Planters: We love the hacker look of this, though we’re not sure we have tons of extra switch plates lying around.

5.  Hanging Garden Boots: How adorable are these? Perfect for April showers and May flowers.

6. Painted Tire Planters: Loving all the color!

7. Colander Planters: Colanders are actually kind of perfect planters since they let your plants breathe and drain.

8. Aged Terra Cotta Pots: You can totally fake the antique look with a little help from dirt, spray paint stone, and moss.

9. Modern Paver Planters: You can use readymade stones for a path and turn them into planters. Win!

10. Vertical Succulent Garden: The beauty of the vertical succulent garden will never get old.

11. Concrete Planters: We are particularly digging the sunburst-shaped planter – it almost looks like a coffee filter!

12. Chandelier Planter: What a totally brilliant use of a broken or old chandelier.

13. Hanging Purse Garden: This one might be on the too silly side of the coin.

14. Fabric-Covered Pots: Spray adhesive and fabric instantly turn boring plastic pots into gorgeous planters.

15. Faux Vintage Flower Pots: Like the aged terra cotta, these are totally fake!

16. Paint Can Planters: Such great use of old paint cans.

17. Muffin Tins + Ice Cream Dishes: When in doubt, you can always turn to your trust muffin tin.

18. Miniature Shell Garden: These totally remind us of Marcel the Shell!

19. Workspace Planter Set: No need for your desk? Turn it into a garden.

20. Sea Urchin Air Plants: Love this mix of land and sea.

21. Macrame Micro Planter: This planter is so adorable we almost want to wear it, especially with that sweet macrame hanger!!

22. Cork Air Plant Magnets: What a cute use of old corks!

23. Book Planters: The more book planters, the merrier.

24. Recycled Upside Down Planters: We love the idea of hanging tomato and herb plants for small apartments and homes.

25. Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden: This might be a better use of of those weird shoe organizers than using them for shoes.

26. Chevron Wood Box: You had us at chevron.

27. Textured Planters: The texture on these planters was created using wine corks. So cool.

28. Linen Milk Carton: Simply wrap linen around a milk carton and you’ve got this gorgeous rustic look.

29. Paint-Dripped Earthenware: Love the Moroccan vibe of these paint-dripped pots.

30. Handmade Clay Houses: Making this is way easier than you think – be sure to click through to find out how.

31. Marbleized Planter: All you need is spray paint and water to make your own set of marbleized planters.

32. Neon Concrete Blocks: These would also double as great bookends.

33. Vertical Tie Planters: Can you say pocket tie?! :)

34. Recycled Billboard Planters: Instead of using recycled billboard banners (which we’re guessing you don’t have access to), use grocery totes.

35. Altoid Tin Pocket Garden: And last, a garden that fits right in your pocket. Adorable!
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