March 29, 2013

Napkin Decoupage on Eggs

Two-piece cardboard eggs and polystyrene eggs painted with craft paint and decorated with glued on napkins. They are decorated with self-adhesive rhinestone half-pearls and 3D shapestickers.

1. Make a hole at the bottom of the egg to fit the metal stand.

2. Paint the bottom half with craft paint.

3. Tear the top layer of a napkin and glue the pieces onto the lid (the top half of the egg) with decoupage lacquer.

4. Glue the straight edges from the napkin along the edge of the lid.

5. Glue self-adhesive rhinestone half-pearls along the edge (cut them off individually first).

6. Place the stand underneath the egg and attach self-adhesive dragonflies.

7. Paint the brown eggs white before decorating with napkin decoupage.

8. You may paint the polystyrene eggs with craft paint.