March 26, 2013

A Neon-Coloured Plaited Cord with sewn-on Piece of Jewellery Chain

A bracelet made from neon-coloured plaited cord with a silver jewellery chain which is sewn onto the cords with neon-coloured macramé cords. The bracelet is fastened with a two-part magnetic clasp.

1. Cut two pieces of plaited cord, each measuring approx. 21cm. Also, cut a 19cm long piece of jewellery chain and two 50cm long pieces of macramé cord. Bundle and secure all the ends together at one end with a piece of sellotape.

2. Glue the assembled ends in place inside one of part of the two-part magnetic clasp using instant glue.

3. Attach the jewellery chain onto the plaited cord by feeding a piece of macramé cord in and out through each section of the jewellery chain and around the plaited cord.

4. When finished, trim the bracelet by cutting off the excess cords. Secure the ends with a piece of sellotape and glue them in place with Super Attak instant glue inside the other part of the magnetic clasp.
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