March 06, 2013

A Bracelet with Macramé Cord and a Piece of Jewellery Chain

A piece of macramé cord and a jewellery chain have been tied onto a silicone bracelet with a built-in fastener.

1. For the silicone bracelet you will need three pieces of macramé cord, each measuring 130cm and a piece of jewellery chain of approx. 27 or 28 chain sections. Arrange the macramé cord 3-fold and place it underneath the silicone bracelet. Now feed one end of the 3-fold cord up through the first chain section and over the silicone bracelet.

2. The cords from underneath should now be placed over the cords on top, then underneath the bracelet and up through the next chain section.

3. From the chain section, feed the cords over the bracelet. Continue this pattern until the end of the bracelet is reached.

4. NB! Try to get the three  macramé cords to lie flat next to each other whilst plaiting. This gives the best result.

5. Finish the bracelet by tying two tight knots. Tie a knot at both ends of the 3-fold macramé cord and melt the ends.