March 29, 2013

Napkin Decoupage on Eggs

Two-piece cardboard eggs and polystyrene eggs painted with craft paint and decorated with glued on napkins. They are decorated with self-adhesive rhinestone half-pearls and 3D shapestickers.

1. Make a hole at the bottom of the egg to fit the metal stand.

2. Paint the bottom half with craft paint.

3. Tear the top layer of a napkin and glue the pieces onto the lid (the top half of the egg) with decoupage lacquer.

4. Glue the straight edges from the napkin along the edge of the lid.

5. Glue self-adhesive rhinestone half-pearls along the edge (cut them off individually first).

6. Place the stand underneath the egg and attach self-adhesive dragonflies.

7. Paint the brown eggs white before decorating with napkin decoupage.

8. You may paint the polystyrene eggs with craft paint.

Wooden Candlesticks in Bold Colours

Wooden candlesticks painted in bold colours using craft paint.

Decorated plastic eggs with Babushka faces

Bright colours and babushka theme; a hit for Easter.

1. Draw a circle with a waterproof black Edding marker pen that writes on plastic. See the pattern sheet.

2. Paint the egg with acrylic paint. Do not paint the face and let the paint dry.

3. Use the end of a brush handle to make gold dots.

4. Pierce a hole in the other end of the egg with a sharp pair of scissors. Use a piece of bonsai-wire as a needle when you thread the mercerised embroidery yarn through the beads and the egg. Start by making a tassel, then pull on beads and bead caps in the desired order.

5. Finish with a bead cap and beads and thread the mercerised embroidery yarn through the egg and tie a knot.

March 28, 2013

DIY Hex Nut Accessories

Bracelet Materials:
- suede cord (18 inches)
- 14 small hex nuts

Necklace Materials:
- gold chain (18 inches)
- 6 medium hex nuts
- gold wire (26 gauge)

First, the bracelet. You’ve likely seen something similar to this all over Pinterest, so we had to try our hand at creating our own version of what is quickly becoming a crafty classic.

Tie a knot at the top and braid as you would any braided bracelet. After about 2 inches, start sliding hex nuts onto the outer edges of each braid step. Repeat until you’re through all your hex nuts.

Create a looped knot at the end to act as your clasp.

And you’re done! Next, the necklace.

Lay out your hex nuts in a design you like. We went with a simple triangle or pyramid shape.

Start with two hex nuts and use wire to wrap around and connect them.

Continue all the way around your shape.

Use that same wire to connect each end of the chain to the pendant you’ve made.

Boom! You’ve got a brand new pendant.

The 35 Most Creative DIY Planters

If you haven’t already noticed, spring is in full swing here at Craft & Creativity. And you know what spring means? Pretty plants! And what’s a super awesome succulent without the perfect planter? Here are 35 DIY planters for all those spring flowers.

1. Floppy Disk Planters: We’ll start with an oldie but a goodie. These floppy disk planters are a great way to repurpose old tech.

2. Book Planters: You knew you saved your high school geometry text book for a reason ;)

3. Painted Pots Hanging on Fence: Buy a bunch of potted plants, paint the pots, and nail ‘em up on your fence.

4. Switch Plate Planters: We love the hacker look of this, though we’re not sure we have tons of extra switch plates lying around.

5.  Hanging Garden Boots: How adorable are these? Perfect for April showers and May flowers.

6. Painted Tire Planters: Loving all the color!

7. Colander Planters: Colanders are actually kind of perfect planters since they let your plants breathe and drain.

8. Aged Terra Cotta Pots: You can totally fake the antique look with a little help from dirt, spray paint stone, and moss.

9. Modern Paver Planters: You can use readymade stones for a path and turn them into planters. Win!

10. Vertical Succulent Garden: The beauty of the vertical succulent garden will never get old.

11. Concrete Planters: We are particularly digging the sunburst-shaped planter – it almost looks like a coffee filter!

12. Chandelier Planter: What a totally brilliant use of a broken or old chandelier.

13. Hanging Purse Garden: This one might be on the too silly side of the coin.

14. Fabric-Covered Pots: Spray adhesive and fabric instantly turn boring plastic pots into gorgeous planters.

15. Faux Vintage Flower Pots: Like the aged terra cotta, these are totally fake!

16. Paint Can Planters: Such great use of old paint cans.

17. Muffin Tins + Ice Cream Dishes: When in doubt, you can always turn to your trust muffin tin.

18. Miniature Shell Garden: These totally remind us of Marcel the Shell!

19. Workspace Planter Set: No need for your desk? Turn it into a garden.

20. Sea Urchin Air Plants: Love this mix of land and sea.

21. Macrame Micro Planter: This planter is so adorable we almost want to wear it, especially with that sweet macrame hanger!!

22. Cork Air Plant Magnets: What a cute use of old corks!

23. Book Planters: The more book planters, the merrier.

24. Recycled Upside Down Planters: We love the idea of hanging tomato and herb plants for small apartments and homes.

25. Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden: This might be a better use of of those weird shoe organizers than using them for shoes.

26. Chevron Wood Box: You had us at chevron.

27. Textured Planters: The texture on these planters was created using wine corks. So cool.

28. Linen Milk Carton: Simply wrap linen around a milk carton and you’ve got this gorgeous rustic look.

29. Paint-Dripped Earthenware: Love the Moroccan vibe of these paint-dripped pots.

30. Handmade Clay Houses: Making this is way easier than you think – be sure to click through to find out how.

31. Marbleized Planter: All you need is spray paint and water to make your own set of marbleized planters.

32. Neon Concrete Blocks: These would also double as great bookends.

33. Vertical Tie Planters: Can you say pocket tie?! :)

34. Recycled Billboard Planters: Instead of using recycled billboard banners (which we’re guessing you don’t have access to), use grocery totes.

35. Altoid Tin Pocket Garden: And last, a garden that fits right in your pocket. Adorable!