February 01, 2013

A Bird Box decorated with Handmade Paper

This bird box is decorated with acrylic paint and then decoupaged with handmade paper. It has been sanded with sandpaper to achieve a rustic look.

1. Paint the bird box with white acrylic paint.

2. Paint all four sides and the base using turquoise or lime according to your preference.

3. Use the front of the bird box as a template and place it onto the back of a piece of handmade paper. Draw the shape of the front onto the handmade paper, cut it out and attach it onto the bird box using decoupage lacquer.

4. When the paint is dry, sand the bird box with coarse sand paper – eg. 80 grade. This adds a rustic look to the bird box as the white primer can be seen. Sand all sides of the bird box, but gently on the decoupaged sides.

5. Apply a coat of decoupage lacquer onto the finished decorated bird box.

6. Paint the candle sticks with acrylic paint and very diluted water. When the paint is dry, you may varnish the candle sticks with decoupage lacquer. This provides a more resistant surface.