January 17, 2013

Wrist Warmers with a Nordic Pattern

A gorgeous pair of warm wrist warmers, knitted in Melbourne yarn, 100% Australian deluxe wool.

No. 3 sock knitting needles (for the rib) & No. 4 (for the rest). Wrist warmers: cast on 48 stitches on a No. 3 sock knitting needle and knit 10cm, 2 plain/2 purl (rib).
Change to No. 4 sock knitting needles and knit three rows plain. Now knit following the knitting pattern. Put on a marking thread at the beginning of the row whilst also increasing the number of stitches for the thumb. Knit the first and second row according to the knitting pattern. Begin to increase the number of stitches in the 3rd row for the thumb as follows; knit all the stitches by one, increase by a stitch (gradually knit the new stitches into the pattern). Fourth row: knit a stitch, increase by a stitch in the 2nd stitch after the marking thread and finish knitting this row. Repeat rows 1 to 4 until there are 12 stitches in the “wedge” for the thumb (i.e. six stitches on each side of the marking thread) = 60 stitches in total. Continue knitting until the entire knitted “tube” measures 20cm. Then put the 12 stitches from the “wedge” onto a thread. Cast on two new stitches behind the 12 stitches = 50 stitches in total. Finish knitting following the knitting pattern lengthwise. Now change to No. 3 sock knitting needles and knit 5 rows rib and cast off loosely. The knitted tube now measures 27cm.

The thumb: Put the 12 stitches from the thread onto No. 3 sock knitting needles and knit 4 stitches into the 2 stitches which were cast on behind the “wedge” = 16 stitches in total. Knit one row plain and 4 rows rib and then cast off loosely. Knit another wrist warmer for the other hand following the same pattern.

Attached file: Pattern (289kB)