January 20, 2013

Knitted bag

Knit your own bag with Merino wool.

4 x 100g Merino wool
No. 15 knitting needles

1. The wool comes as a thick sheet of unspun wool. Divide the wool lengthwise into two equally thick threads. Divide each of these again into two equally thick threads and further divide each of these into two equally thick threads. Making a total of eight equally thick threads. When it is time to change the thread, pull out the two wool ends (approx. 5cm), place the ends over each other, work them – if necessary – a bit with your fingers so they are the same thickness as the rest of the thread. The join is now invisible.

2. The bag: Cast on 16 stitches loosely on the knitting needle and knit 25cm in stocking stitch. Cast off loosely and knit another piece. Change colour when desired.

3. The strap: Cast on 4 stitches on the No. 15 knitting needle. Knit back and forth, so one side is plain stitch, i.e. first row right, second row purl, third row right, forth row purl. Continue until the strap is the desired length.

4. Finally sew all the pieces together to make a lovely bag.
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