January 28, 2013

In the Mood for a Mood Board

First, you need an old picture frame and a junk lamp. Make sure the frame is solid wood and sturdy (you don't need the glass) and that the base of the lamp unscrews. Pick off all the paper and staples and nails from the frame and untwist the lamp base from the lamp. Just snip the cord with scissors to get it all apart. Now cut a little piece of dowel and drill small holes in both ends.

You need a long skinny screw and a washer to keep the screw from slipping through the hole in the lamp base. Stick the screw and washer up through the bottom of the lamp base and screw that bit of dowel onto the top.

Now the dowel is attached to the base.

Drill a very tiny hole through the frame like this.

And screw the frame onto the dowel.

And add some eyes and wires. And spray paint it.

Now clip all your hopes, dreams, and desires to it. You're done! So make some more! One for every room of the house. One to hang your jewelry on, too. And now you can actually begin the planning process of how you will get inspired to organize your life for the new year, a project you couldn't possibly have accomplished without first building a mood board.