January 22, 2013

A small Papier-Mâché House, covered with Handmade Paper

Painted  papier-mâché houses covered with handmade paper and decorated with a wooden bead and guinea fowl feathers.

1. Use the papier-mâché house as a template for drawing and cutting out the appropriate pieces for covering the house. See paragraph 4.

2. Paint the surfaces of the house with acrylic paint as desired.

3. Paint wooden beads in different colours.

4. Place the template onto the handmade paper. Copy and cut out.

5. Attach the piece of handmade paper onto the house using decoupage lacquer.

6. Also apply a coat of decoupage lacquer on top of the handmade paper.

7. Thread the bead onto the string used for hanging.

8. Attach a guineau fowl feather inside the hole of the wooden bead using glue.
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