January 15, 2013

A Knitting Loom for a Hat or a Scarf

This hat and scarf are knitted from neon coloured yarn on a knitting loom.

1. Cast two rounds of yarn onto the knitting loom.

2. Make stitches by lifting the lower row over the upper row and off the pegs around the whole of the knitting loom.

3. Cast on a new row of stitches on the knitting loom.

4. Continue this process until you have reached the desired length.

5. Change the colour of the yarn by placing the new colour yarn over the previous. Secure the ends at the end.

6. Finish the knitting by gathering all the stitches onto a new piece of yarn.

7. When all the stitches have been gathered and removed from the knitting loom, pull the piece of yarn at both ends tight and tie a knot tightly.

8. Make a pompom and sew it onto the end of the knitting.

Another variant