January 16, 2013

A Cotton Gauze Scarf with Wrinkle Effect

This lovely scarf is made from cotton gauze with a wrinkled effect and charms from guineau fowl feathers, beads and metal charm feathers.

1. Cut a piece of cotton gauze measuring 2.40m and place it in the sewing machine.

2. Sew a section of three lanes of gathering stitches across the width of the scarf – each section must be 40cm apart. Gather the lanes so the width measures 30cm. Tie a knot and cut off the excess thread.

3. Cut a piece of silver-plaited wire measuring 80cm and attach a metal charm feather, four beads and a wax bead.

4. Attach two guineau fowl feathers with the small pendant.

5. Twist the feathers together with a piece of silver-plaited wire.

6. Glue on an end cap with a loop using instant glue.

7. The finished charm.

8. Pull the end corner of the scarf through the loop of the little charm.

9. Tie a simple knot.