December 18, 2012

For the birds in cold weather

Flower pots painted with color paint and decorated with white crackle lacquer which crackles after drying. Finally, the flower pots are coated with paverpol glue which is ideal for outdoor use.

1. Paint the flower pots with color paint. Then add a thick layer of crackle lacquer with a broad brush. After about 2 hours of drying, the lacquer will begin to crackle. The entire process takes about 24 hours. They must be dry before coating with the paverpol glue.

2. Make the wooden beads in the same way.

3. Make a hanger from bonsai wire.

4. Attach the beads.

5. Twist a loop for the hanger.

6. Cut a piece of cotton cord measuring approx. 4m. Fold it over and twist tightly. Fold and tie the ends.

7. Attach the hanger in the eye of the pot.

8. Paint the small pots in the same way.

9. Make dots with the end of the brush handle.

10. Coat with paverpol glue when dry.

11. Make a hanging from bonsai wire.