December 16, 2012

An Ice Crystal from Drop-Shaped Glass Beads

The drops are threaded onto a thin silver-plated wire and wound around a thicker silver-plated wire.

1. Thread a small bead onto the middle of the wire. Double over the wires and thread ten small beads onto the gathered wires.

2. Divide the wires and thread 20 medium sized beads onto each wire followed by five large beads; one wire with glass beads and the other with matt white glass beads.

3. Wind the beads around a 10cm long piece of bonsai wire at one end. Repeat at the opposite end.

4. Wind the excess thin silver-plated thread around the bonsai wire a couple of times. Make three in total.

5. Put the pieces on top of each other and assemble with a thin silver-plated wire.

6. Tie the pieces well together.

7. Thread the beads alternately onto a thin silver-plated wire. Gather to make a ring and place on top of the whole piece.

8. Fasten with the excess wire.