December 18, 2012

For the birds in cold weather

Flower pots painted with color paint and decorated with white crackle lacquer which crackles after drying. Finally, the flower pots are coated with paverpol glue which is ideal for outdoor use.

1. Paint the flower pots with color paint. Then add a thick layer of crackle lacquer with a broad brush. After about 2 hours of drying, the lacquer will begin to crackle. The entire process takes about 24 hours. They must be dry before coating with the paverpol glue.

2. Make the wooden beads in the same way.

3. Make a hanger from bonsai wire.

4. Attach the beads.

5. Twist a loop for the hanger.

6. Cut a piece of cotton cord measuring approx. 4m. Fold it over and twist tightly. Fold and tie the ends.

7. Attach the hanger in the eye of the pot.

8. Paint the small pots in the same way.

9. Make dots with the end of the brush handle.

10. Coat with paverpol glue when dry.

11. Make a hanging from bonsai wire.


December 17, 2012

Bracelets with Buttons

Buttons threaded onto a piece of cotton cord and finished with a flower clasp.

1. Tie one of the flower clasp parts onto one end of a piece of cotton cord.

2. Thread the buttons onto the cord.

3. Tie the other part of the flower clasp and the flower onto the cord.

A Colourful Bracelet with Wooden Beads

These lovely and colourful wooden beads are combined with macramé cords.

1. Thread a large wooden bead onto the middle of the thick macramé cord.

2. Tie a knot as close as possible to the bead.

3. Feed the thin macramé cord behind the thick macramé cord and feed the two cord ends through the small bead from either side.

4. Now place the two thick cords over the thin cord.

5. Once again feed the thin cord ends through the small bead.

6. Once again place the thick cords over the thin cords and continue like this until the bracelet has reached a desired length.

7. Tie a knot with the thin cords around the thick cords.

8. Plait a small section with the ends.

9. Bend the plaited section to form a loop – large enough for the large bead to fit through.

10. Wrap the thin cords around to secure the loop.

11. Tie a knot.

12. Cut off the ends.

13. Melt the ends lightly to secure them properly.

A Necklace with a Buffalo Horn Bead

A buffalo horn bead and black wooden beads are threaded onto a piece of waxed cotton cord with knots.

1. Thread a horn bead and a wooden bead onto a piece of cotton cord using a beading needle.

2. Tie knots onto the cord before threading any beads onto the cord. The knots function as stoppers for the beads.

3. Close after the beads by tying a knot onto the cord.

4. You may use a needle for pulling the knot as close to the bead as possible.

5. When the necklace has the desired number of beads, make an adjustable knot on either side of the cord.
See Jewellery School - An Adjustable Knot

Another variant.

December 16, 2012

An Ice Crystal from Drop-Shaped Glass Beads

The drops are threaded onto a thin silver-plated wire and wound around a thicker silver-plated wire.

1. Thread a small bead onto the middle of the wire. Double over the wires and thread ten small beads onto the gathered wires.

2. Divide the wires and thread 20 medium sized beads onto each wire followed by five large beads; one wire with glass beads and the other with matt white glass beads.

3. Wind the beads around a 10cm long piece of bonsai wire at one end. Repeat at the opposite end.

4. Wind the excess thin silver-plated thread around the bonsai wire a couple of times. Make three in total.

5. Put the pieces on top of each other and assemble with a thin silver-plated wire.

6. Tie the pieces well together.

7. Thread the beads alternately onto a thin silver-plated wire. Gather to make a ring and place on top of the whole piece.

8. Fasten with the excess wire.

Gift Wrapping, Red and White Inspiration

Christmas presents wrapped in several designs in red and white and decorated with card hearts, wooden stickers and ribbon.