November 12, 2012

Jewellery School - Friendship Bracelets

The technique is very simple and only requires that you can make a 'forward 4-shape knot'. You can use different kinds of cords and beads, but make sure that the cord fits the size of the bead.

1. Cut a 100cm piece and a 40cm piece of your choosen cord (the more braiding and the less beads, the longer the pieces of cord). Double over the long piece of cord. Make a loop at one end of the small piece of cord. Join the cords with a knot, leaving a small loop. Cut off the short end.

2. Put beads onto the middle cord (i.e. the shortest cord).

3. Put the right hand side cord over the middle cord, back under and up. Pull the cord up through the loop and tighten it whilst keeping the middle cord taut.

4. Repeat with the left hand side cord following the same procedure.
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