November 21, 2012

Cairo Masks

These beautiful masks are inspired by the gold Egypt. They are painted with art metal gold paint.

The Egyptian Mask Tradition
We are familiar with the Egyptian burial mask decoration from the 3-4000 year old sarcophagi found in the Valley of the Kings, where wood, gold and the semiprecious stones Lazulis, turquoise etc. were used. Masks and headdresses were used as part of the religious rituals of the time, symbolising the many gods of the old Egypt. We have taken inspiration from the ancient Egyptians and tried to achieve a simple and stylish look, which is characteristic of the ancient Egyptian masks.

1. Paint the mask with one or two coats of art metal gold paint. Then let the mask dry.

2. Paint stripes with the blue colours.

3. Draw black patterns with craft paint in plastic refill bottles.

4. Also use the plastic refill bottle for making dots.
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