October 12, 2012

Tea Light Candle Holder with Frost

A tall tea light candle holder with a metal hanger is dabbed with glass frosted paint, text added with a marker pen and decorated with a piece of raffia tied around adding the finishing touch.

1. Measure 3cm from the top and 3.5cm from the base of the candle holder and draw a line with a white gel pen.

2. Cover the top 3cm and bottom 3.5cm of the candle holder with masking tap. Press creases firmly flat.

3. Dab glass frosted paint onto the candle holder with a sponge. Remove the masking tape immediately thereafter. Fix the frosted paint when dry in an oven at 160 degrees for 30 minutes. Write a text with a permanent marker pen.

4. Attach a piece of thin special double-sided adhesive tape along the top edge.

5. Tie the raffia around the candle holder on top of the special double-sided adhesive tape.
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