October 17, 2012

A Boy’s Card

Festive invitations, menu cards and napkin rings for the teenage boy. The mobile phone’s keys are self-adhesive rhinestones and the checked paper is Street Design paper (the London series).

1. Cut out paper in various sizes and attach to the card.

2. Cut out a photo and attach it to the card.

3. Make a hole for the silver-plated wire.

4. Cut two pieces of silver-plated wire and bend to form a loop at one end of each piece.

5. Pull three beads onto each wire.

6. Feed the wires through the hole in the card.

7. Bend the wires on the back and attach a small piece of card over the wire ends.

8. Attach self-adhesive rhinestones to the card.

9. Attach a piece of checked ribbon onto the card with double-sided adhesive tape.

10. Cut two small pieces of checked ribbon and attach them onto the card and finish off with a self-adhesive rhinestone.

11. Make a small bow tie from the ribbon.

12. A variation with a napkin ring.

Cut a piece of card and attach a piece of ribbon with double-sided adhesive tape and then the same procedure as before. Tie the ribbon in a bow around a rolled up napkin.
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