September 28, 2012

Silicone Bracelets with Pendants

Different pendants, glass charm beads and fashion links are put onto bracelets. The fish pendants are made with a ball head pin and a thick silver metal ring.

1. Put the metal fish onto a ball head pin and bend the pin backwards and cut off leaving approx. 1cm.

2. Use round nose pliers for making a loop by turning the pin forward. Close the loop completely.

3. Open the thick silver metal ring and put the fish onto the ring.

4. The silicone bracelet may be shortened.

5. Pull or roll small silicone rings onto the silicone bracelet. These are used for keeping the beads and links in place.

6. Now the glass charm bead stays in place on the bracelet.

7. Put the fish pendant onto the bracelet.

8. The fashion links have silicone posts inside and therefore also stay in place on the bracelet.

9. The bracelet has a built-in fastener. You may hide the opening of the bracelet with a bead or fashion link.

Another Variant

Another Variant

Another Variant

September 20, 2012

Romantic Wedding Cards

These wedding invitations are made from recycled card and decorated with organza bags, flowers and satin hearts.

1. Tear the recycled paper to make a square.

2. Attach the organza bag with double-sided adhesive tape.

3. Attach a satin heart onto a piece of card.

4. Print out a photo and attach it to the card.

5. Tie flowers and organza ribbon onto the ribbon of the organza bag.

6. Glue satin hearts onto the ribbons.

7. For the menu cards: attach the organza ribbon onto the front of the card.

8. Tie the flowers together with a piece of organza ribbon …

9. … and glue the bouquet onto the card.

10. Glue satin hearts onto the glued on piece of organza ribbon.

11. Tie on a key onto the organza ribbon on the wedding invitation.

September 19, 2012

Polystyrene Bat

Ready to fly! We've covered and decorated flat polystyrene shapes with foam clay, then made wings from foam rubber and finally added legs made from pipe cleaners.

1. Cover and decorate the polystyrene shapes with foam clay.

2. Cut the wings out of foam rubber following a template. "Glue" on with foam clay. 

3. Attach the hanging string with foam clay.

4. Make the legs and claws from pipe cleaners and stick into the body. Leave to dry.

An alternative version. 

An alternative version. 

September 18, 2012

Crocheted Retro Squares

The mix of colours used for these crocheted retro squares provide a stunning result. Use No. 4 crochet hook and fantasia yarn. Use for decoration or sew the squares together to make a throw.

1. Crochet 6 chain stitches.

2. Make a ring by finishing with a slip stitch in the first chain stitch.

3. Using the same colour yarn, cast 3 chain stitches and crochet 15 basic treble stitches into the ring. Finish the ring with a double crochet stitch in the first basic treble stitch.

4. Change to a different colour yarn and cast 3 chain stitches (these 3 chain stitches form the first basic treble stitch). Then crochet a basic treble stitch into the same hole, so 2 basic treble stitches are formed in the same hole.

5. Crochet a basic treble stitch into the next 2 holes and 2 basic treble stitches in the next and same hole. Finish the row with 3 chain stitches which form the corner. Repeat the following 4 times: 2 basic treble stitches into the same hole, 1 basic treble stitch, 2 basic treble stitches in the same hole, 3 chain stitches.

6. Change to a different colour yarn. Start after a corner and cast 3 chain stitches, 1 basic treble stitch into the same hole as the chain stitches, 1 basic treble stitch into the next 4 holes and 2 basic treble stitches in the last hole.

7. In the hole in the corner, crochet 2 basic treble stitches, 3 chain stitches and 2 basic treble stitches.

8. Repeat the following for the round: 2 basic treble stitches, 4 x 1 basic treble stitches, 2 basic treble stitches, 2 basic treble stitches, 3 chain stitches, 2 basi treble stitches.

9. Change to a different colour of yarn for the last round. Start after a corner with a double crochet stitch in each hole, a total of 12 times, to the next corner. In the corner crochet 3 double crochet stitches and continue like this for the rest of the round. Finish and secure the ends.