January 01, 2012

Viva Decor




Candle making in sand

Make candles with flowers

A Metal Wreath with a Polystyrene Ball

Wood Chip Boxes with Blackboard Paint

Candle Holders with Natural Materials

Fabric Printing on Shopping Bags

Wooden Design Buttons Sewn Onto The Bag

Wall Decorations

A Giraffe with Yarn wound around

Fiskars Shape Template

Decorating Porcelain

Vases of Self-hardening Clay

Wind Chimes

A Pencil Holder with Mosaics

A bag with ribbons

Balloon lamps

Fish Scale Wall Art

Autumn Lunch Bag Trees

In the Mood for a Mood Board

Shelves made with paint bucket

Use paper scraps to make wall art

Junk mail typography collage art

A Bird Box decorated with Handmade Paper

Wooden Products with Pearl Pen

A Quilling Butterfly on a Greeting Card

Polystyrene Balls with Wooden Discs

A Collage Frame with Mosaic

Glass Plates with Mosaic

Giant Octopus Tentacles Vinyl Wall Art

Lantern and tea light holder from aluminium soda cans

Make Your Own Iphone Case

Chalkboard Planters with Folkart Stencils and Paint

DIY: Beer Bottle Bud Vases

Light Up Your Party With LED Balloons

This Basket Says Anything But Dirty Laundry

The 35 Most Creative DIY Planters

Wooden Candlesticks in Bold Colours

A Wooden Tray with Wooden Discs

Ripple floating vase designed by the Japanese group oodesign



Drama and Role Playing

Card Making


Jewellery School

Sewing and Knitting



Crystal Bracelet

Lace bracelet

Silicone Bracelets with Pendants

Bracelet with many strings

Bracelets with Glass Beads

A Colourful Ring with Buttons

A Necklace with a Buffalo Horn Bead

A Colourful Bracelet with Wooden Beads

Bracelets with Buttons

Braided Satin Bracelets with Plastic Beads

Braided Leather Bracelets with a Link Button Fastener

A Braided Bracelet in 4mm Polyester Cord

Fashionable Feather Jewellery

Bracelet with 2 wires

Natural necklace

Fancy hair accessories with feathers

A necklace with a pendant

Beautiful decorative Capiz Jewellery

A Suede Bracelet

A Crocheted Necklace from Beading Wire with Silicone Stop Rings

Bracelets and chains with wire beads

Jewellery made from Beads threaded onto Memory Wire

A Leather Bracelet with a Heart made from Jewellery Clay

A Bracelet made from Leather Cords with Silicone Stop Rings

Plaited Jewellery with Silicone Cord, Jewellery Chain and Beads

DIY Scrap Leather Necklace

A Bracelet with Macramé Cord and a Piece of Jewellery Chain

An Elastic Bracelet with Neon Beads

A Bracelet and a Necklace with an Angel

A Neon-Coloured Plaited Cord with sewn-on Piece of Jewellery Chain

DIY Hex Nut Accessories

Hair Clips decorated with Foam Rubber and Sequins

A Braided Bracelet using Cotton Cords